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Hoarders loving animals to death need help

Posted: August 2020
Fiona Webster, CEO of Lort Smith, reflects on the complex issue of animal hoarding ...
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Give me a couch not a racetrack

Posted: May 2020
The NSW government is amending the code on the welfare of greyhounds.
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Australia CAN welcomes Sydney Dogs and Cats Home to our national group

Posted: October 2019
Animal Welfare League Australia is proud to announce the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home as its newest member.
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The heartbreaking decision to give up a pet

Posted: August 2019
Too often, people are in a position where they must surrender a much loved pet due to veterinary costs they cannot afford, a change in circumstances that means a pet can no longer be accommodated, or behavioural issues they cannot manage.
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Pets need to watch their waistline too

Posted: March 2019
When you take out the fads and trends, we all know it’s important to maintain a healthy, balanced diet - and the same is true for our animal companions.
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Supporting seniors to keep their companions

Posted: March 2019
Isolation and loneliness are among the most difficult challenges facing senior-aged people. Even more difficult can be losing a beloved companion animal and thinking you’re too old to have another.
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Who rescues whom?

Posted: November 2018
Dogs can break down self-imposed barriers of detachment and seclusion, helping men in particular to become less cut off from other relationships in their lives.
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The immeasurable benefits of pets in aged care

Posted: October 2018
Mr Wendell is no ordinary six-year-old Havanese dog. He holds the important title of Community Engagement Coordinator at Broughton Hall, a residential aged care facility in Camberwell, Victoria.
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Know your new dog's needs

Posted: September 2018
Giving a companion animal a second chance is highly ethical. It is also a powerful and practical way to improve their life.
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All Councils should budget for cat desexing

Posted: August 2018
There is a desperate need for Councils to provide desexing subsidies for residents on low incomes to help prevent the current unplanned ongoing explosion of cats in Australia!
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