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Who rescues whom?

Posted: November 2018
Dogs can break down self-imposed barriers of detachment and seclusion, helping men in particular to become less cut off from other relationships in their lives.
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The immeasurable benefits of pets in aged care

Posted: October 2018
Mr Wendell is no ordinary six-year-old Havanese dog. He holds the important title of Community Engagement Coordinator at Broughton Hall, a residential aged care facility in Camberwell, Victoria.
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Know your new dog's needs

Posted: September 2018
Giving a companion animal a second chance is highly ethical. It is also a powerful and practical way to improve their life.
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All Councils should budget for cat desexing

Posted: August 2018
There is a desperate need for Councils to provide desexing subsidies for residents on low incomes to help prevent the current unplanned ongoing explosion of cats in Australia!
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Desex & microchip your pet!

Posted: July 2018
Microchipping is a safe and permanent way to identify your pet for life, ensuring that you’re always able to be reunited.
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Pets on public transport: making it possible

Posted: June 2018
Sydney and Victoria allow pets to travel on some forms of public transport under strict conditions. However, many places in Australia do not yet have pet-friendly public transport. This is a particular issue for older Australians who want to use public transport.
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Lovetails – Guinea pigs as pets

Posted: June 2018
I have never really harboured more than a cursory interest in guinea pigs, and certainly never desired one as a pet. And then a funny little creature called Yenoe made his way into the clinic.
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Calming pets with sensory enrichment

Posted: May 2018
We all hope that pets in our care are happy, carefree and suffer the minimum stress possible. Some simple sensory measures involving both stimulation and relaxation, may help to relax animals.
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Foster care - You can do it!

Posted: April 2018
Have you ever thought about fostering a dog or cat? It’s a privilege to take a dog in, love them, play with them, encourage them to trust humans again and watch them develop and grow.
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Volunteers make a big difference

Posted: May 2015
Volunteers make a very important contribution to our three shelters at Dogs' Homes of Tasmania. They have all levels of experience, from recent inductees to those with more than 20 years of service.
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