Our commitment to companion animals

Our promise

Companion Animal Network Australia promotes the companion animal bond and responsible pet ownership through national campaigns, partnerships and initiatives.

We help our members achieve the highest possible standards and facilitate their collaboration in activities that identify and communicate best welfare practice.

Our vision

A compassionate community dedicated to providing safe and caring homes for pets.

Our mission

To create, uphold and encourage the highest standards of care, health and welfare for pets in our community by:
  • Promoting the human-animal bond and responsible pet ownership through national campaigns, partnerships and initiatives
  • Supporting our members to operate at the highest possible standards, and
  • Collaborating between our members to identify and communicate best welfare practice.

Our values


Like a dog with a bone, Companion Animal Network Australia is determined to achieve its goals and realise its vision of a responsible community, providing safe and caring homes for all companion animals.


Pets bring out the best in people and our commitment to animal welfare brings out the best in Companion Animal Network as a caring and compassionate organisation.


Our animal companions are often brave and irrepressible. Companion Animal Network Australia aims to be equally courageous and spirited, meeting challenges head on and making the most of every situation in pursuit of our goals.


Our companion animals trust us completely and Companion Animal Network Australia works to earn that trust through the highest standards of integrity, transparency and professionalism in all aspects of our work.


The animal-human bond brings great joy to all who experience it. Companion Animal Network Australia seeks to create a sense of joy in our activities and relationships with members, stakeholders and animal lovers everywhere.

Lives enriched by companion animals — Australia CAN

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