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Animals bring a special kind of love into aged care

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Tara Trevanion is the General Manager of BUPA Aged Care in New Farm, a modern aged care home situated near the beautiful Brisbane River and Brisbane CBD, featuring open and shaded courtyards and gardens for families, friends and pets to enjoy each other’s company.

Photo Credit: BUPA Aged Care New Farm

BUPA New Farm doesn’t house permanent pets, says Tara; however the facility is fortunate to have regular visits from Benson the cat, a therapy dog named Ruby and Tara’s own canine companion, Sunny.

“The positive impact of the animals on both the residents and the staff is profound. I love seeing the smiles and the resident and staff interaction with the animals,” she says.

One little Maltese in particular, Olly, has brought much joy to the community, especially Tara! When Olly’s owner Barry moved into the aged care home, he faced the heartbreaking realisation that he was unable to look after his dog full-time. He was also worried about Olly being alone during his doctors' appointments and hospital visits.

Barry’s son initially tried to take care of Olly, but his busy schedule made it difficult to provide Olly with the attention and care he needed. Barry was desperate to find a loving home for Olly, and that's when Tara met the little dog.

“As soon as I met Olly, I fell in love with him,” she says. “I could also feel how stressed Barry was about having to re-home Olly. So, I decided to adopt him!”

It has been over a year since Olly joined Tara’s family, becoming fast friends with Sunny, and comes to work with Tara three days a week.

“Barry is over the moon that he gets to see his little mate Olly regularly. All the residents and staff also love him,” says Tara. “Olly is so excited when he knows he is visiting Barry. I open the front door and he runs straight to Barry’s room. It makes me happy to know they can still see each other.”

Barry and Olly’s reunion is always heartwarming, a testament to the unbreakable bond they share. Other pets like Benson, Ruby and Sunny also bring a unique kind of magic into the lives of the residents and staff, reminding everyone of the simple pleasures of companionship and the healing power of unconditional love.

And for Tara, adopting Olly has been one of the best decisions she’s ever made. His story is a beautiful reminder that love knows no bounds.

BUPA Aged Care in New Farm

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