A compassionate community of animal carers

About Our Network

We help provide Shelter, Adoption, Foster Care and Health services centres in all six states.

These centres have jointly found homes for millions of lost, abandoned, surrendered and mistreated animals and provided veterinary care to companion animals and those whose owners could not afford their medical treatment.

Staff and volunteers come to work each day to save lives and work hard to find good homes for the animals in their care. They deliver enrichment programs to reduce the stress animals can inevitably face when coming into a shelter environment.

Our rehoming centres have extensive fostering programs and dedicated teams of volunteers providing loving homes on a temporary basis, until new permanent homes can be found.

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We support people.

We support the thousands of Australians who share their lives with companion animals. Research tells us that protecting and strengthening the human-animal bond brings real benefits to pets and people. We work to maximise those benefits.

We use our national voice.

We use our national voice to lobby government for legislation and policies which will improve life for animals. Our focus is companion animals, but we are committed to advocating for the responsible and humane treatment of all animals.

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We share knowledge and rally support.

We share knowledge and rally support to develop and promote programs that deliver high welfare standards for animals.

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