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Greenway Views a leader in pet friendly seniors living and aged care in ACT

Posted: June 2023
“Greenway Views ® is a retirement and aged care community located in Tuggeranong, ACT and is operated by LDK (Love, Decency and Kindness) Seniors’ Living, which provides for all levels of care from independent right up to dementia, palliative and end-of-life care in ACT and NSW.”
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Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities encourages pet friendly living

Posted: May 2023
Pets can provide older adults with a sense of purpose and responsibility, not to mention a reason to stay active and engaged in their communities.”
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Australia CAN aims to change the world with pet friendly aged care

Posted: April 2023
Pets provide mental and physical health benefits, such as exercise and socialisation, particularly for older adults in residential care. Yet, only 18% of aged care facilities permit residents to keep pets.
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Australia CAN grateful for outdoor media support

Posted: October 2022
Companion Animal Network Australia (Australia CAN) wholeheartedly thanks outdoor media companies Stream Outdoor, Total Outdoor Media and QMS for generously donating outdoor advertising space across the country to our organisation for the past few months.
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Pooches at Play takes a trip to pet friendly Lifeview Residential Care

Posted: October 2022
When moving into aged care, often people are forced to give up their pets which can end up being surrendered to shelters or euthanised, leaving their owners grief stricken. Fortunately, some homes are recognising the importance of this human animal bond.
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Collins Food team raises vital funds for Australia CAN in charity run

Posted: September 2022
Restaurant operator Collins Foods Limited raises over $3,500 for Companion Animal Network Australia (Australia CAN) in Queensland’s popular Bridge to Brisbane event on August 28.
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People should never have to choose between their pet or a home

Posted: August 2022
Limited housing availability and sky rocketing rental costs are causing families to give up their companion animals and leading to a crisis in animal shelters across the country, with many already at capacity.
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Australia CAN Board members in the pet industry’s top 30 Game Changers

Posted: July 2022
Congratulations to Companion Animal Network Australia (Australia CAN) President Dr Megan Alessandrini and Australia CAN Board Director Sue Hedley OAM for being recognised in Pet Industry News magazine’s 30 Game Changers list featured in the May-July 2022 issue.
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Positive ageing at pet friendly Lifeview

Posted: June 2022
Older people moving into aged-care accommodation are often unable to take their pets with them and are forced to say goodbye to their four-legged friends.
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Companion Animal Network Australia urges dog owners to watch out for symptoms for deadly bacterial disease

Posted: April 2022
Following recent veterinary reports of exposure to a deadly bacterial disease in NSW and NT, leading animal welfare charity Companion Animal Network Australia (Australia CAN) is urging pet owners to be cautious when out and about with their dog and watch for signs of leptospirosis infection.
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Companion Animal Network Australia appoints first CEO in its mission to support the human-animal bond and over 30 million Aussie pets and their families

Posted: January 2022
Leading animal welfare charity Companion Animal Network Australia – Australia CAN (formerly Animal Welfare League Australia) appoints its first Chief Executive Officer, Trish Ennis, in its mission to support the human-animal bond and an estimated 30.4 million* pets and their owners across Australia.
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Watch out for Puppy Scams

Posted: December 2021
Puppy scams cause a lot of heartbreak and anger, and unwittingly impact legitimate businesses in Australia
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