How we make a difference

Pet Projects

Image of mature man with dog

Promoting the benefits of pets in aged care settings

Older people, unable to take their companion animals with them when moving into aged-care accommodation, are often forced to say goodbye to their four-legged friends… [Read more]

Image of pet owner nuzzling dog

Bringing together landlords and pet-owning tenants

Despite high demand, less than 10 percent of all Australian rental properties are listed as pet-friendly – a very real problem for residential tenants and their companion animal friends… [Read more]

Pet friendly business

Research has shown that having pets in the workplace improves productivity, collaboration, and alleviates stress… [Read more]

Pet friendly communities

We are currently developing a number of initiatives to help communities be more friendly to pets and their owners… [Read more]

Changing government perspectives on companion animals? Australia CAN

Image of woman being licked by her dog

Working towards an Independent Office of Animal Welfare

Please help us encourage all political parties to support the establishment of the Independent Office of Animal Welfare by signing our online petition… [Read more]

Image of vet with kitten

Campaigning for companion animal de-sexing

Pet owners now have even more incentive to desex their pets. National Desexing Month is held in September each year and offers pet owners a discount on the cost of this procedure… [Read more]

Image of one eyed cat

Preparing pet owners for emergencies

It is vitally important that you make preparations well before disaster threatens. Online information may not be accessible in the lead up to, and during, an emergency… [Read more]

Image of child with pet rabbit

Educating kids with pet-related resources

With an emphasis on caring, empathy, connection and the responsibilities of pet ownership, our education pack is a free resource for teachers of primary aged students… [Read more]

Are you a responsible pet owner?

Owning a pet comes with a set of big responsibilities. This checklist will help you be committed to the well-being and happiness of your pet for life.

.… [Read more]

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