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Finding a pet-friendly rental property can be a tricky business for tenants.

A study from the Animal Health Alliance reveals more than 63 percent of Australian households own pets and more than 83 percent of Australians have had a pet in their lifetime.
So it’s no surprise that pet-friendly rental properties are in high demand.
But regrettably, fewer than 10 percent of all Australian rental properties are listed as pet-friendly, resulting in a critical shortage of appropriate accommodation for pet-owning households and a very real problem for residential tenants and their companion animals.
Less than 10% of all Australian rental properties are listed as pet-friendly
While many landlords and agents are hesitant to rent properties to tenants with pets, it actually makes great business sense by removing the issue of hidden pets and helping move rental properties faster and keep them occupied for longer.

Plus, keeping tenants and their pets together reduces rates of animal surrender, re-homing and euthanasia, and helps to nurture and sustain the irreplaceable bond between pet owners and their companion animals.

Information for Tenants, Agents and Landlords

Renting with pets can be a simple and enjoyable process for all parties. Please visit our popular Rent With Pets website to discover how to be pet-friendly to tenants and their animals.

Bringing together landlords and pet-owning tenants – Australia CAN

63% of Australian households have pets
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