Lives enriched by companion animals at work

Pets in Business

Now, more than ever, pets are an
integral part of our lives

Many companies continue to have people working both from home and in the office. We want to help employers and employees adapt to the new situation.

Research shows that having pets in the workplace improves productivity and collaboration, and alleviates stress. Employee satisfaction and morale are top-of-mind for most HR leaders, and pet-inclusive policies can help.

Australia CAN works directly with companies and employees to develop policies for an integrated workplace that meets the needs of the company, non-pet owners and pet-owning staff.

Pets in the workplace reduce stress, promote happiness & increase collaboration.

What are the benefits of a pet-friendly workplace?

Work is a leading source of stress worldwide, with notifications and bad habits preventing us from leaving work at work. In fact, one-in-five Australians take time off the job due to work-related stress and anxiety. That’s why we reckon our workforce could benefit from some creature comforts.

Companion animals are essential for
wellbeing-psychological, spiritual and physical.

For those of us who have shared a workspace with pets over recent months, returning to the office and leaving our pets behind feels unjust and insensitive

What people think about pet-friendly workplaces

40% of people believe pets in the workplace enhance work-life balance.
24% of people believe pets in the workplace enhance relationships
45% of people believe pets in the workplace create a more relaxed atmosphere.
50% of employees see pets in the workplace as a benefit
* Research sourced by Purina

How to make your workplace pet-friendly

Education, clear guidelines and fair ground rules will be your best friend here. Making pets a valued and beneficial part of your workplace centres around 3 key themes:

  1. Everyone feeling safe (pets included)
  2. Avoiding chaos (smart rules are a must)
  3. A little supervision

To make pets in the workplace a success, understand that each is magically individual, with their breed, preferences and moods contributing to their personality. For example, some pets love pats, while others will be wary of strangers.

Making your workplace pet friendly has been proven to:

  • Reduce stress levels, enhance coping skills and lower blood pressure.
  • Squash pet-owner guilt about leaving a pet to their lonesome for the day.
  • Wipe-out brain fog with lunchtime walks, toilet breaks and forced time in the sun.
  • Jack up office morale and communication…“Have you seen Teddy’s bandana today?”
  • Spread the benefits of chilling with a pet to the less fortunate (i.e. non-pet owners).
  • Build an environment of camaraderie between the manager and their employees.
“It is the human-animal bond that is so valuable, whether you're at home or at work.”

Preparing your office for furry friends

It’s important to consider your infrastructure. The more people or the smaller the space, the more to consider. Try to:
  • Provide some gated or inaccessible areas to control movement and give pets a safe and secure place to roam. Focus your pet-friendly zones on places with easy-to-clean floors, or nearby cleaning products. Hopefully it’s only fur that you have to worry about, but accidents do happen.
  • Provide a grassy patch outside for toilet breaks. Providing eco-friendly poo bags here would be a big bonus, for your employees and the environment. In the early days, employees could consider buddying up: watching each other’s dog when somebody needs to use the bathroom, attend a meeting, and so on.

Pets in Business Resources

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