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A story of Workplace Giving inspired by rescue pets

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Nicola has been an employee of JB Hi-Fi in Townsville, QLD, for nearly 10 years and involved in their charity program Helping Hands since day one. Her donations are matched by JB HI-Fi dollar for dollar and go to Companion Animal Network Australia.

Photo Credit: Supplied

“At JB Hi-Fi, we love animals and celebrate our own pets by sharing photos of them in the office and on a dedicated workplace app. We also welcome pets into the store. It’s always a great day when you’re able to have a pat or cuddle!”

Nicola and her partner Jordan have two rescue pets, Aria and Ted, who bring their life great fun and joy!

“When we met Aria at the rescue, there was no way we were going home without her! She was so happy and just wanted to be loved. She was 10 months old and had a rough start to life. We took her in knowing she would need leg surgery, which ended up being multiple due to mistreatment from her previous owner. Aria has recovered and is loving life! She loves destroying her squeaky toys, going for walks and playing with her doggo friends. Despite everything she has been through, she has the most beautiful nature, crazy eyes and one flopped ear. She loves everyone she comes across no matter what.”

Ted was a Christmas present to Nicola from Jordan in 2020.

“Ted was the craziest kitten, zooming around the room while all his siblings slept, and we felt he matched Aria’s energy. Today, he is the snuggliest, most well-behaved little man and he and Aria are best friends. He goes on adventures through the garden, loves chasing the laser light and doing sneak attacks when you walk down the hallway. Aria and Ted play together all the time, sleep beside each other and are always down for a treat.”

Nicola has always believed in ‘adopt not shop’, so seeing CANA on the Helping Hands donation form made it impossible for her not to contribute.

“I will always adopt animals and encourage others to do so. My house would not be a home without my crazy pair.”

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