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The many benefits of keeping cats contained

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Keeping cats contained means ensuring they stay within the boundaries of your property.

Guest blog by Bec O'Callaghan, Director at Oscillot®

Keeping cats ‘contained’ – what does that mean? It doesn’t necessarily mean keeping them in one room for the duration of their lives or that they should never taste the freshness of the early morning dew on the grass. It’s about ensuring they stay within the boundaries of your property.

Safely contained

There are many benefits to keeping your cat contained:

  1. Vehicle Accidents
    The number one reason why cats shouldn’t be roaming the streets, is because accidents do happen. Whether you live in a busy neighbourhood or not, you’re always going to run the risk of losing your beloved fur baby on the roads.
  2. Not Everyone, or Everything, Loves Cats
    Cats are curious by nature, which is why they always go searching for new adventures, regardless of whether the destination welcomes them with open arms. Whether you live in a non-cat-loving neighbourhood or there’s a really hungry and aggressive dog living next door, the last thing you want is for your cat to end up in unchartered and unwanted territory.
  3. Local Council Trapping
    According to the Dog and Cat Board of Australia, there are various regulations involved in owning a cat which include microchipping, desexing and limiting their roaming parameter. It’s also worth noting that council officers are legally allowed to seize and detain unidentified cats. Live in a region where Cat Curfew By-Laws are in place? Expect a fine if your feline is caught roaming beyond the boundaries of your property.
  4. Disease and Impregnation
    It's harsh but true, cats (especially strays) are often carriers of disease. This doesn’t necessarily mean your cat is the carrier, but if your cat roams around the neighbourhood, it runs the risk of catching something from roaming cats and even rodents. Furthermore, if you haven’t spayed your cat yet, it’ll probably impregnate other neighbourhood cats, or you’ll get an expensive surprise in a few weeks. Either way, you don’t want your cats coming home with anything harmful or unwanted.
  5. Getting Stolen
    As absolutely unethical as it sounds, there is nothing stopping a child or even an adult from taking your beloved fur baby home if found roaming the streets. Oftentimes, our cats visit other homes and nap there for a while. This poses a lot of risk, as people might assume your cat is a stray and welcome him/her to their family for good.
  6. Protect Wildlife
    Sadly, research shows pet cats play a leading role in threatening or causing the extinction of many Australian native species. In fact, roaming pet cats kill 390 million animals collectively per year in Australia.
    You might believe your feline friend doesn’t hunt because you never come across evidence of killed wildlife, but studies that used cat video tracking collars or scat analysis have established many pet cats kill animals without bringing them home.
    Keeping your cat securely contained at home at all times is the only way to prevent it from killing wildlife.
  7. A Sense of Security
    You want to know that your floof is safe, happy and healthy. Keeping your cat contained in your yard not only protects him/her from outside dangers, but also gives you peace of mind knowing your cat is safe at all times.

Find out ways to keep your cat contained in this article.

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