Welcome Dr Jo

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We're thrilled to welcome Dr Jo Righetti on board as an AWLA Ambassador.   Jo & black & white cat (1)

A renowned animal behaviourist, her expertise, energy and commitment to the well-being of companion animals are a perfect fit and we are excited that Dr Jo will be representing us across the country.

Dr Jo will be advocating for the adoption of animals from our affiliated shelters around the country and promoting our campaigns aimed at strengthening the human-animal bond and positive welfare outcomes for companion animals. As a starting point, Dr Jo will be alerting people to animals who are available for adoption in each state via social media channels each week.

Dr Jo says, "AWLA is taking a united and co-operative approach to improving the lives of unwanted companion animals and their humans. This makes me proud to be an Ambassador for such a great organisation."

You can find Dr Jo on Facebook "Pet Problems Solved with Dr Jo" or visit her website www.petproblemsolved.com.au.


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