Volunteers make a big difference

Volunteers make a very important contribution to our three shelters at Dogs' Homes of Tasmania. They have all levels of experience, from recent inductees to those with more than 20 years of service.

Volunteers often form long-lasting friendships. Their mutual love of dogs always gets a conversation started, whether it be at one of our re-homing centres or when they are out in the community with one of the dogs.

Our volunteers perform many duties daily. Most start by walking all of the beautiful dogs on nearby bush-walking tracks. As they gain experience, and come along on a regular basis, the volunteers then get to help out in other areas of our operation.

And there's always plenty to do!

Dogs' Homes of Tasmania staff greatly appreciate this assistance because, without it, the dogs would not get the extra attention they need.

Some volunteers are unable to walk the dogs and so it's nice that they can help out in other areas, such as:

  • General administration, gardening, grooming and bathing.
  • Assisting staff with the rotation of the yards.
  • Helping with fundraising activities.
  • Taking a dog out for the day for general exposure to the community.
  • Spending time with dogs who need a little extra help to rehabilitate them, and to make them feel safe and wanted.

All of our volunteers walk away with smiles on their faces, knowing that by being here they have helped bring benefits to 'man’s best friend'.

We work very hard to make the volunteers feel like part of the Dogs' Homes of Tasmania family. Despite our many different backgrounds and levels of experience, we have one important thing in common: the quest to make the dogs' stay a pleasurable one until their ‘furever’ home comes along.

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, we say thank-you to all of our fantastic volunteers.

Our poem to our Volunteers

Dedicated hearts like yours
are not so easy to find.
It takes a special person to be
so generous and kind.
To care so much for our four legged friends
is a quality all too rare.
Yet you give of your time and talents,
for all of them in need to share.
So thank you for being a volunteer,
We're privileged to work with you.
We want you to know how appreciated you are,
not just today, but the whole year through.

National Volunteer Week May 11-May 17


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