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Tails of the Boss

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Several studies have suggested that animals in the workplace bring benefits to staff productivity and morale. Perhaps tradesmen have known this all along – it would explain why canines are unofficial supervisors on many a building site. The Australian Tax Office allows tradesmen to claim their dog as a tax deduction. Expenses like vet and pet food bills can qualify as a deduction for tradies whose dogs have a role in guarding tools or the work ute. But when it comes to pets in an office situation, pre-planning is the key. Not all pets are suited to spending time in the office. Highly social, well trained, relaxed animals are most likely to fit right in. Shy, anxious, nervous or high energy animals are not likely to enjoy a busy, noisy or confined office environment and may be happier staying on home base. Likewise, not all people are suited to working in an environment with pets - it’s just good manners to check it out with your colleagues first.

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