Pooches at Play takes a trip to pet friendly Lifeview Residential Care

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When moving into aged care, often people are forced to give up their pets which can end up being surrendered to shelters or euthanised, leaving their owners grief stricken. Fortunately, some homes are recognising the importance of this human animal bond.

Companion Animal Network Australia (Australia CAN) are working with aged care facilities, such as Lifeview in Melbourne, to develop pet friendly policies and general guidance around supporting seniors and pets.

In the latest series of Pooches at Play TV show, that airs on Channel 10 and 10BOLD, Australia CAN ambassador Lara Shannon speaks to Samantha Jewell, CEO of Lifeview, to learn more about how they help support their aged care residents with pets.

Lara also has a chat with resident Daphne about her beloved furry family member, Annie. “I can’t be without her,” she says.

If Daphne couldn’t bring Annie to Lifeview with her, she said she doesn’t think she would have come.

Watch the full segment below:

You can catch up on the full season of Pooches at Play on 10Play.com.au

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