Pets Live Here

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Some ideas are so good you have to wonder why someone didn’t come up with them sooner. One of these ideas is crowd architecture - collaboration around housing based on the needs of specific groups of people.

People with like-minded needs and interests (like pet owners) get together and design housing that suits them. When enough pet-people get together, housing projects can be discussed and planned to reflect the needs of pets.

Apartments can be designed with extra courtyards and other pet friendly features. Urban pet owners, a group who often have problems gaining permission to have pets in apartments, have a lot to gain from this new concept.

Melbourne architect Ivan Rijavec recently launched an online platform to ensure urban owners have the say on what their apartment will look like and what features it will have. Groups form around "niches" such as pets or gardens - when enough members seek similar aspects like rooftops, courtyards, pet-friendly areas, then potential housing projects will be proposed.

The idea is the buying power of the group makes it more affordable. In addition to cutting costs, Rijavec believes handing more power to buyers is a natural evolution. We're all for protecting the bond between people and their animal companions by planning for pets in urban settings. Visit for more.

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