Are you ready to rent?

Landlord Checklist - Use our checklist to make a great impression with landlords

By demonstrating to prospective landlords that you’re a responsible pet owner, you’re more likely to convince them you’ll be a good tenant.

Work your way through this checklist so you can prove you’ve done your homework and are across what a landlord needs to know to approve your application.

Responsible pet ownership checklist

Be sure you can confidently tick off each item in our checklist before you apply for a rental property.

✔︎ Pet resume—feel free to download or view a sample resume
✔︎ Veterinary references - Vaccination against infectious disease, Pet details
✔︎ Microchip and registration
✔︎ Desexing (dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc)
✔︎ Flea and external parasite treatment
✔︎ Worming and internal parasite treatment
✔︎ Obedience training (dogs)
✔︎ Pet insurance – copy of insurance to prove you take your pet’s health seriously
✔︎ How your pets will be good neighbours (references from neighbours)
✔︎ How pet wastes are disposed of
✔︎ Arrangements for pets when you are at work
✔︎ Arrangements for pets when you are out of town

Being a responsible pet owner will increase your chances of renting your preferred property

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