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Around the country, a variety of legislative efforts are underway to improve the life of companion animals. As animal lovers, we urge you to support these efforts by engaging in the process. Providing feedback or writing a submission shows governments we all want to see the best possible welfare results for animals.

In Western Australia, new laws for cats over six months to be micro-chipped, registered and sterilised are in effect from November 1st. This will lead to a reduction in the numbers of healthy unwanted cats and kittens who are euthanased and also encourage responsible cat ownership.

In South Australia, the inaugural SA Companion Animals Shelter Summit was held recently to tackle the challenge of abandoned or needlessly euthanased companion animals.

In Tasmania, a proposed review of legislation aims to tighten rules and regulations for breeders. If you wish to make a submission, the discussion paper is available at   Under the proposed standards, officers will be empowered to inspect any premises where puppies are bred for sale. The cut off date for public submissions is November 22nd.

In New South Wales, it’s time to step up on behalf of greyhounds. A NSW Parliamentary inquiry is calling for public submissions to expose the practices of the greyhound racing industry. Submissions are due by Nov 6th – more information can be found at

A national cat action plan will also soon be available for comment through G2Z  (Getting to Zero) – keep in touch by joining Animal Welfare League Australia’s Facebook page here or visit 

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