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Just Imagine

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Imagine a time when the majority of people, including politicians and legislators accept high standards of care and protection for animals as the norm.

Imagine strong and practical animal welfare legislation in place nationally and supported by animal lawyers who defend mistreated animals, confirming high standards of animal welfare to the public.

Imagine an official public database providing access to procedures for delivering good animal welfare outcomes.

This vision is championed by Antione Goetschel, the world’s first lawyer for animals who will be speaking at venues around Australia in April and May. A specialist in human-animal relationships in Swiss and international law, Antoine has represented animal interests in cruelty cases and played a major role in Swiss animal law referendums.

He fought successfully to have the dignity of living beings protected by the Swiss Constitution.
Swiss laws set out, species by species, measures to protect the dignity and well-being of animals.

Antione Goetschel is speaking in Australia as part of an annual animal law lecture series hosted by Voiceless. Venues and dates are available at www.voiceless.org.au

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