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Getting to Zero

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Animal Welfare League Australia (AWLA) is proud to be Conference Partner for the 5th National G2Z Summit 2013.

Sharing resources, solutions and successful models is what it’s all about when it comes to saving the lives of more animals, providing high welfare standards and strengthening the people-animal bond. The G2Z model inspires us to strive even harder on behalf of our four-legged ‘clients’ with the momentum around G2Z exciting and challenging us in equal measure.

We proudly acknowledge AWLQ, an AWLA member, for developing this community change model to prevent abandonment and save existing lives. Australia’s widespread affection for dogs and cats, means saving lives is a goal most of us share and with the help of the community, government and non-government organisations, fewer adoptable animals are being euthanased.

The 2013 G2Z Summit will take us to the next level in achieving this goal, with inspirational speakers like Sharon Harmon, an animal welfare professional of 30 years experience, explaining how she achieves a 98% combined save rate.

Together we can save lives ...for more details on the 5th National G2Z Summit visit http://www.g2z.org.au/summit2013.html

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