Getting Engaged

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We may live in an increasingly artificial world but we belong to the natural world. All life is inter-connected.
Anyone who owns a pet knows how animals can enrich people’s lives.

Although Valentine's Day is designed as a day to pamper that special person in your life, it’s also a good day to celebrate the unconditional love that companion animals can offer. People enjoy attachments that are oblivious to their faults and this is provided in the uncritical affection of pets.Then there are the health benefits which companion animals bring their human families. These benefits are well known by now - lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, less visits to the doctor and reduced anxiety levels to name a few.

In exchange for these benefits, our role is to keep companion animals safe, happy and healthy. Valentines Day is a good time to contemplate ‘having a heart’ and extending care to include vulnerable animals. If lifestyle and circumstances permit, adopt a homeless animal. If not, there are many other simple ways to support animals.

Choose humanely produced foods, stop and sign petitions designed to improve conditions for animals, send a letter or email to the relevant government minister on issues where animals are receiving unnecessarily harsh, cruel or inhumane treatment such as live export and intensive breeding practices.

By engaging with politicians on animal welfare issues, you are advocating on behalf of animals. Get involved - animals don't have a voice and they need you.

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