Counting Our Furry Blessings

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Tis the season to be thankful for small blessings, including the furry four-footed kind that bring laughter and companionship to two-thirds of households across Australia. The right pet with the right owner equals happier, healthier people. Scientifically we know that interaction with animals makes us feel better, partly because it stimulates production of brain chemicals like oxytocin. Pets help us to feel better about our lives and when we feel better about our lives, the more motivated we are to connect and engage in positive ways. Around 85 per cent of owners credit their dog for encouraging them to exercise. Walking off the excesses of Christmas becomes a more attractive proposition with a dog by your side and most dogs are only too happy to oblige! If you don't already have a furry blessing in your household, the summer holiday break is a good time to consider adopting a dog or cat. Best wishes to all for a furry and fun festive season.

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