Collins Food team raises vital funds for Australia CAN in charity run

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Restaurant operator Collins Foods Limited raises over $3,500 for Companion Animal Network Australia (Australia CAN) in Queensland’s popular Bridge to Brisbane event on August 28.

The fundraising event saw more than 21,000 people walking, jogging and running to raise money for causes close to their hearts. Six team members from our corporate partner Collins Foods (operator of KFC and Taco Bell) completed the 4KM and 10KM events.

A huge thank you to Robyn Dunlop, Michelle Robertson, Sarah Bartolo, Ashley Wise, Selena Sadler and Stacey Robertson!

Michelle, Ashley & Selena

“We are grateful for the incredible effort and generous contribution by the team at Collins Foods!” said Trish Ennis, CEO of Australia CAN. “We greatly appreciate their support and donation which helps us to support the direct-care work of our member agencies on behalf of companion animals, and the work we do in our Rent with Pets and Pets in Aged Care programs.”

Robyn, an employee of Collins Foods for nearly 39 years, loves animals and said it breaks her heart knowing so many pets are mistreated and surrendered to shelters because of changes to their living arrangements.

Robyn and John

“I have an 8-year-old Lhasa Apso named Coco and could not imagine having to part with her. She is my everything,” she said. “Some people say Coco is spoiled; however, I say she is just loved as every animal should be.”

Until May last year Robyn had a 16-year-old Lhasa Apso (Tisha) and before that a Maltese x Bichon Frise named Rosie. Her love for her dogs inspired her to participate in the Bridge to Brisbane event and raised $3,050 for Australia CAN!


“I did the 10km run – there was as 4.5 km event also but why settle for that when I could do the 10km? The last few hills were a challenge that’s for sure!” said Robyn.

“I wish every animal could have a life like Coco. If I could make that happen, I would do it in a heartbeat. I saw the opportunity to make a small difference by raising money for Companion Animal Network Australia as part of my Bridge to Brisbane.”

Michelle also wanted to fundraise for Companion Animal Network Australia, raising just over $500 (fundraising page), as a first-time participant in the Bridge to Brisbane event.

Stacey & Sarah

“I appreciate and understand how many individuals have improved their quality of life through having a companion animal,” said Michelle. “We had a great time raising awareness for these special animals! We have already discussed going bigger and better next year!”

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