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The G2Z Momentum

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The Getting To Zero (G2Z) Summit held recently in Queensland saw a range of dynamic speakers sharing practical solutions to reduce the abandonment and euthanasia of animals. Animal welfare organisations, rescue groups and animal management teams - all exploring ways to reduce the numbers of animals entering shelters. Ways like collaborating with providers of training and behavioural services to prevent a surrender situation and instead support and preserve the bond between owner and pet. Foster programs and collaboration with rescue groups and breed clubs can mean animals don’t have to spend time in shelters at all. Targeted de-sexing programs, early age de-sexing, engaging the community through events such as national adopt-out days and a range of local coalitions - all supporting G2Z principles and driving us to join forces and move ever closer to zero euthanasia of healthy and treatable surrendered cats and dogs (at least 90% saved). For more on G2Z, you can visit the website www.g2z.org.au  And of course the simple message for those considering a pet isstanley nsw ADOPT, ADOPT, ADOPT !

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