Bandit the rescue dog takes an Australian road trip of a lifetime

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Meredith Schofield, her husband Sean, their rescue pup, Bandit and their beloved yellow kombi, Etta, are on a Great Australian Road Trip.

And they’re taking you with them in the book Around Australia At 80ks, written and photographed by Meredith Schofield (Mez).

Mez and Sean adopted Bandit from CANA member Sydney Dogs and Cats Home. You can watch this short video about how Mez and Sean found their rescue pup Bandit. It’s such a beautiful story!

The Story Of ... Bandit from Foraggio Photographic on Vimeo.

Bandit arrived at SDCH in 2017 with major injuries that limited his ability to walk or jump. He had a broken back, pelvis and leg that appeared to have healed without veterinary intervention. He was adopted by Mez and Sean, who committed to strengthening his muscles with frequent walks and exercises on the soft sand at the beach. Today he’s a healthy, beloved pet – living life jumping, running and playing – and is more well-traveled than many Australians!

Around Australia At 80ks follows this motley quartet’s adventures and misadventures as they make their way around our great southern land. Bursting with inspiration, insider tips, dog-friendly travel advice and stunning photography, this book is the holiday we all need. Watch the book trailer.

This great Aussie road trip took Mez, Sean and Bandit across four states, one territory and over 22,400 kilometres. They drove over dirt roads, down four-wheel drive tracks, onto ferries and boats, to the edges of cliffs, across beaches and up mountains. They ventured through dust storms and croc-infested waters, over red dirt, into some of the most ancient lands on Earth, and along some of the most isolated roads in the world. All in their trusty vintage 1975 kombi, Meredith’s camera at the ready and with a true sense of wanderlust to fuel their journey.

As a photographer, Mez knew this once-in-a-lifetime adventure would offer her the opportunity to capture Australia in her own unique way, particularly after the dramatic changes to our landscape since the devastating bushfires.

When it comes to travel, Meredith is full of encouragement and enthusiasm.

“It took guts to head out across this great big country in an old yellow kombi. I hope every page gives you a little more of the confidence and comfort you need to set out on your own adventure. If we can do it in a 1975 kombi you can do it too!”

Along with awe-inspiring images, Around Australia At 80ks is jam-packed with hints and tips for keen travellers, from dog-friendly highlights and best camping spots, to locating the tastiest cheap eats and the finest coffee. Around Australia At 80ks provides all the inspiration you need to get out on the road!

Paperback: 256 pages

RRP: $35.00

ISBN: 9781922419545

Available for purchase here


Source: Book Press Release and Sydney Dogs and Cats Home

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