Australia CAN aims to change the world with pet friendly aged care

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Pets provide mental and physical health benefits, such as exercise and socialisation, particularly for older adults in residential care. Yet, only 18% of aged care facilities permit residents to keep pets.

Studies show many mental and physical health benefits of pet ownership, including increasing opportunities to exercise, get out and socialise, which is very important for ageing adults, particularly in a residential aged care environment.

However, research shows only 18% of aged care facilities consider allowing residents to keep a companion animal.

Companion Animal Network Australia (Australia CAN) CEO Trish Ennis speaks to Australian media presenter John Deeks from Your Life Choices about the national charity working with aged care experts to improve that statistic.

“We also ask the government to increase the number of pet friendly aged care facilities and promote the social benefits to aged care villages when they welcome pets into their facilities,” she says.

Australia CAN is running a Pet Friendly Aged Care Survey for the public and stakeholders, to help preserve the bond between people and their beloved pets by keeping them together for as long as it provides the best health outcome for the animal and their owner.

‘We aim to change the world one survey at a time,” says Ms Ennis.

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