Animal Adoption: Making a Difference

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Welcoming an unwanted animal into your family is a decent and rewarding decision. If you have the time, resources and lifestyle to give an animal a loving and permanent home, adopt from a shelter or rescue organisation. Adopted pets can make the best companions and our affiliated shelters receive thousands of letters, emails and photos from happy families enjoying life with their adopted pets – here’s just one of them.

Shelters have mixed and pure bred animals in need of permanent and loving homes and can provide useful information about their health and personality. Adopted pets are already vaccinated, de-sexed, micro-chipped and vet checked - a real saving. Animals in need of new homes are not 'bad or naughty', just unlucky in the lottery of life.

Animal adoption is a powerful and practical way to improve animal’s lives. To find out more about Animal Welfare League Australia's position on animal adoption, visit

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