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Australia CAN welcomes Sydney Dogs and Cats Home to our national group

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Animal Welfare League Australia is proud to announce the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home as its newest member.

Companion Animal Network Australia is proud to announce the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home as its newest member.

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home has a long record of responsibly reuniting, rehoming and rehabilitating companion animals in its care whilst providing the highest level of service to the wider community in the Sydney basin.

Our other member organisations share the vision and values of Sydney Dogs and Cats Home and we are looking forward to the many opportunities such an alliance will create.

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home assures us it intends to be a valued member, contributing to the overall success of Australia CAN and shared causes that benefit companion animals and their owners throughout the country.

Its inclusion confirms the value proposition of Australia CAN as a truly national animal welfare group, with a member organisation performing very significant service delivery to vulnerable pets in every state.

Companion Animal Network - Australia CAN is a registered charity representing some of the nation’s largest providers of rescue, shelter, rehoming, impounding, health-care and enrichment services to vulnerable companion animals.

Our members are:

  • Animal Welfare League of South Australia
  • Lort Smith in Victoria
  • Sydney Dogs and Cats Home
  • Animal Welfare League of Qld
  • Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania
  • Saving Animals From Euthanasia in Western Australia

Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world and, in the past year, our member organisations have cared for more than 50,000 vulnerable animals around the country.

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